Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gamer's Diary - Lego Indiana Jones

Last night I brought home GRID and Lego Indiana Jones, both for the Xbox 360. Didn't get a chance to play GRID, as the evening was divided between a viewing of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and a co-op playthrough of the first level of Lego Indiana Jones.

I had the viewing in order to fill in a gap in my fiancée's daughter's pop-culture education. I would not have watched it for myself; Temple of Doom is the least of the Indiana Jones movies. After Marion Ravenwood, Willie Scott was a tremendous letdown. But the kid seemed to like the movie, and found Willie's idiocy hilarious. So what do I know?

Then she and I spent a while playing through the first level and part of the second of Lego Indiana Jones. What a hoot! The humor and the puzzles are all there. Traveller's Tales knocks it outta the park again. Just enough is changed from the movies to provide some real surprises while remaining true to its spirit, and some of the changes are just laugh-out-loud funny. I'm thinking in particular of Toht's medallion-burn, and a Star Wars reference that had us both rolling on the floor laughing.

GRID? Maybe tonight.

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