Friday, August 03, 2007

PlayStation (PS1/PSX) - Fear Effect - Update

Review update: Fear Effect just kills me... repeatedly. It's a pernicious time vortex which has sucked up hours of real time while depositing less than sixty minutes on the game clock.

It would be a little easier to take if the save point were right before the kill-spot, but it isn't; there's always some amount of irrelevant action required to reach the deadly confrontation. For instance, one bit required a minute's worth of timed runs across red-hot pipes before encountering a VTOL aircraft that kills the player in one shot.

Were it not for the interesting story, I'd quit entirely. As it is, I'm going to put it away until the frustration subsides enough to allow me to enjoy it again. And then use a cheat-code; I'm far more interested in the story and puzzles than the clunky combat.

Grade: C-

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